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Vyshyvanka Day is truly a holiday that unites!

On May 18, Ukrainians from all over our Beehive, from children to the elderly, celebrated this day together. The leaders together with their students prepared a festive concert. Ukrainian music played throughout the event. Many children recited poems by Ukrainian authors: Nadia Atamanyuk, Kateryna Ryabtseva, Ksenia Bilotserkivets, Ilya Teslenko, Volodymyr Zakharov, Ilya Semenov, Mykyta Bugayenko; and some even in English: Kiriena Izmodenova, Gluhan, Maria T. Shevchenko “A cherry orchard by the house”, Lukina Natalia T. Shevchenko “Fate”.

The youngest students of the dance team presented the dance "Bees", during which it was very difficult to stay in place. The middle group seemed to envelop everyone present with the gentleness and tenderness of the "Rushnychok" dance. And the older dancers burst onto the stage with an incendiary tank "Kalyna". The highlight of the concert was the performance of pupils of our kindergarten. The smile did not leave the faces of all the spectators. The children read poems and lit up the whole hall with a bright "Varenyky" tank.

We are one big family!

We thank our hosts Sofia Tech Park and TechnoMagicLand

Thank you UNICEF Bulgaria for supporting us!

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