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Children's Day

1.06.2023, the Ukrainian Hive - educational and integration center hosted a Children's Protection holiday, timed to the end of the school year at the center.

The teenagers of the center were very enthusiastic about the idea of ​​creating a holiday for visitors. With the help of our teachers, they prepared the script, decorated the improvised stage and made an interesting skit for the audience.

Our children prepared interesting dance numbers and poems, and adults took part in an improvised fairy tale, and visited childhood!

The symbol of the Beehive has already become dances by children from the "Varenychka" and "Bees" kindergarten. And the movement "Bulka", which children do with our psychologist in kindergarten and preschool, did not leave anyone aside - even parents joined in the dance.

We would like to thank our partners in creating this holiday - SUOB "Maty Ukraine" and "Berezka" gastronomy and cuisine. Children received sweet prizes.

Thank you UNICEF Bulgaria for the fact that we can teach our children and make them a holiday!

Thank you Sofia Tech Park for providing shelter for our center!

Thank you Tatiana Cherkashenko for the photo and video of our holiday!

Join our center, a lot of interesting things await you!

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